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Stacey Campbell #3
Chuck Pierce and
Dutch Sheets

Patricia King #2
Don and
Christine Potter

Davy Maia
Kelry Green
Curt Landry #2
Cindy McGill
Dutch Sheets
Chuck Pierce #2 Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #3

Alberto and
Kimberly Rivera

Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #2

Anne Elmer
Rolland Baker
Joan Hunter
Curt Landry #1
John Mark Pool
Stacey Campbell #1
Robert Bartow
Chuck Pierce #1
Doug Addison
Catherine Brown
Mark Chironna
Lance Wallnau
Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #1

Larry Randolph
Bob Jones
Kim Clement #3
Tommy Tenney
Jeannie Tenney
Holly McClure

Patricia King #1
Graham Cooke
Harry Jackson Jr.
Kim Clement #2
Denny Cline
Kim Clement #1


While watching video over the Internet has come a long ways in the past few years, it's still not as simple as just turning on your TV set.

Delivering video straight to your computer is made possible by a complex chain of hardware and software working together. Unfortunately, sometimes a weak link can cause the chain to break.

On the viewer's end of things, generally older computers and software will have more problems. If your computer is too old, that just might be the weakest link the the delivery chain.

In August of 2008 we updated our Prophetic.TV Web site, and switched all of our videos to Flash format, rather than the Window Media video format we had been using up until that point. Also, rather than having the entire episode contained in one large video file, we have broken each episode into individual video "segments", as follows:

Segment 1: PTV intro
Segment 2: commercial
Segment 3: guest intro
Segment 4: first 12-minute part of the interview
Segment 5: commercial
Segment 6: second 12-minute part of the interview
Segment 7: commercial
Segment 8: credits
Longer shows will have addition interview and commercial segments. The segments for each show are organized into playlists, so that when one segment is done, the next one follows immediately. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and the level of Internet congestion at the time, there may be a slight delay between segments.

Some segments, like the PTV intro and the interviews, can be skipped or fast-forwarded or rewound, while other segments, like the commercials, guest intro and credits, cannot be skipped.

Sorry, but the Flash videos cannot be saved to your hard drive for off-line viewing. If you want to do that, click here to visit our iTunes Store page, where you can download all of the episodes in MP4 format for free. If you don't have the iTunes software, click here to go to the iTunes Web site and download it for free.

So what can you do if you are having problems? Try these suggestions:
  • Make sure that your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) has all the latest updates installed.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. You can find this at the Install Adobe Flash Player page. Players are available for various versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Hardware or software firewalls could be interfering. Consult the documentation for any products like this that you may be using.
  • If you don't have a broadband Internect connection (Cable or DSL), but rather are using a telephone dial-up modem connection, you are not going to have a very good Internet video experience. Maybe this is the time to take the plunge and switch to a broadband connection. Alternatively, you can listen to the MP3 audio version of our shows. You can even download the entire MP3 file to your computer and listen to it without being connected to the Internet.
  • Try a different time of day, or day of the week. The Internet is more congested at some times than others.
  • See if you are able to watch video in the Flash format on other Web sites. If not, the trouble is probably on your end. Considering that thousands of people each month watch our videos, our assumption is that our Web site basically works.
  • Install Apple's iTunes program on your computer and then you can watch the iPod/iTunes version of each show on your computer (you don't need an iPod). The program comes in Windows and Mac versions.

Prophetic.TV is a production of

By partnering with us, your donations help make it possible for us to continue producing more quality prophetic shows.