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Stacey Campbell #3
Chuck Pierce and
Dutch Sheets

Patricia King #2
Don and
Christine Potter

Davy Maia
Kelry Green
Curt Landry #2
Cindy McGill
Dutch Sheets
Chuck Pierce #2 Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #3

Alberto and
Kimberly Rivera

Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #2

Anne Elmer
Rolland Baker
Joan Hunter
Curt Landry #1
John Mark Pool
Stacey Campbell #1
Robert Bartow
Chuck Pierce #1
Doug Addison
Catherine Brown
Mark Chironna
Lance Wallnau
Mahesh and
Bonnie Chavda #1

Larry Randolph
Bob Jones
Kim Clement #3
Tommy Tenney
Jeannie Tenney
Holly McClure

Patricia King #1
Graham Cooke
Harry Jackson Jr.
Kim Clement #2
Denny Cline
Kim Clement #1

How to Support Prophetic.TV

Like what you see on Prophetic.TV?
Although some people wait until the end of the year to make their donations, I'd love it if you'd consider making a tax-deductible gift to Prophetic.TV (part of ElijahList Ministries) today.

In 2006 we built a small studio and equipped it with a basic level of video equipment. We have over 20 shows already recorded, with many more episodes in the planning stages. The expense has been quite large to get these projects underway.

Although our entry-level studio and equipment basically get the job done, we dream of upgrading our facilities so that we can create programming with higher production quality, which translates into more enjoyable shows for you to watch.

To make matters even more exciting, Kim Clement prophesied at the end of 2006 that we would even do satellite broadcasting in the near future with our own satellite. It was dramatic!

This prophecy was given Saturday evening, December 9th, 2006, about an hour up the road from us, in Portland, Oregon, and it agrees with multiple other prophecies we've already been given.

When you give to ElijahList Ministries, you're not just investing in our work. In just over a year, we have built, through our partnership with Show Mercy International, a significant portion of several orphanages in Africa. That is yet another activity we intend to continue our growing involvement with.

Our non-profit entity is ElijahList Ministries, but our programming is under the name Prophetic.TV (as part of this non-profit). Both are part of the same work so please make as generous a donation as possible.

We have a satellite to build and more programming to record. This all costs way more than we have.

If you have been blessed by the shows already available on our Web site, would you please consider partnering with us, so that we can continue producing Prophetic.TV and make it available to the widest audience possible?

Thank you for your generous support...we really appreciate it!

Click here to make a donation online.

Click here for our contact info to make a donation by phone or mail.

Steve Shultz

What Others Are Saying
"I believe that ElijahList Ministries (Prophetic.TV) is the 'Paul Revere' of the future for this nation!"

- Chuck D. Pierce, Glory of Zion International, Inc., Global Harvest Ministries

"...I want to commend to you ElijahList Ministries (Prophetic.TV) directed by Steve Shultz. Remember - when you take a stand with the poor you are aligning yourself with God's apostolic heart..."

- James W. Goll, Encounters Network

"Prophetic.TV is one of the most powerful weapons in the night of storms. Presently, Steve Shultz and Prophetic.TV have had nearly 200,000 online web-viewers who have been deeply impacted by the broadcasts. Now, they are building a television studio which has to be fully equipped and manned so that Prophetic.TV will not be inferior in quality but be able to present the Word with clarity and excellence. Your support is vital, and I encourage you to sow generously to Prophetic.TV."

- Kim Clement,

Show Mercy International Web Site"We would like to thank ElijahList Ministries and Steve Shultz for the generous financial support of Show Mercy International this year. Your sacrificial giving has enabled us to continue expanding our vision of providing love and resources for many orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda. We greatly appreciate your ministry and friendship and would highly recommend ElijahList Ministries as an organization to sow into generously. A seed sown into this ministry will certainly not return without producing a tremendous harvest!"

- Mike and Lori Salley, Founders, Show Mercy International

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