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What Your Dreams Are Telling You & 3-Pack CD Set - How to Unlock God's Secrets for Your Life - Hidden in Your Dreams -- by Cindy McGill; Code 1006

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2019 Elijah List Ministries/Elijah Streams TV Prophetic Tour to Israel

April 6-16, 2019

This Israel trip will undoubtedly be the most significant trip we have ever taken to Israel!

Please, please, please do not miss this trip. It will truly change your life.

Who would have guessed you could do all of this where Derene and I get to know you personally, as you join the ELIJAH LIST MINISTRIES tour of Israel.

Let's get going! April 6 through 16, 2019 are the dates of this amazing tour. Plus, you can still make monthly payments to make it even easier!

2019 Elijah List Conference

January 10-12, 2019

We are pleased to announce our 15th annual Elijah List Ministries conference "What Is Heaven Planning for 2019?" As it has been for years now, this is such an incredibly important and intense time in history, so you need to reserve your spot at this event before it fills up! If you tried to register last year, you know what I mean... we sold out weeks before the event.

The accuracy level of these prophetic voices have always been very high concerning what God is about to do, and it gets more accurate each year...

Plan now to be here in Albany, Oregon with us — your prophetic family — for a prophetic look at what Heaven is planning for 2019! This event will fill up fast!