Lance Wallnau Prophesied Eagles' Win. Here's why...

Posted on February 5, 2018

by Lance Wallnau

"Lance Wallnau Prophesied Eagles' Win. Here's why..."

It's pretty rare and very special when a prophet goes on the record, BEFORE A GAME to tell us who is going to win and why they are going win.

With that intro, please enjoy my friend, Lance Wallnau's video prophecy just before the game started,. Please note that Lance is a New England Patriot's FAN, who prophesied for the opposition to win.

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Here's why I predicted the Eagles.

1. When I heard about the Eagles quarterback going to seminary to train to be a Pastor and that he was unashamed to say how the Lord led him to this team I said "Hold Everything... this has got that feeling all over it that I get when I'm sensing the Lord on something."

2. There is a move of some sort on the team where a number of guys are getting saved and baptized. Its something on the team right now.

3. The words "Pastor" and "Eagle" came together and I saw that the Lord is releasing a "seer" anointing on Pastors to start to prepare the flock for what's coming in America. The shaking and the Awakening.

4. My wife Annabelle and I grew up outside Philadelphia. Abelle was a makeup artist for the head coach Dick Vermeil who did a lot of media. The Eagles NEVER won a Super Bowl. Imagine how it would feel to finally win? You could see the result in the streets after.

BUT- it's a win with a larger purpose. Let's talk race. That's right RACE. Nothing could be more perfect than a white quarterback pastor in training working with 6 key black blockers and receivers to unite a city so that entire neighborhoods were cheering from bars and restaurants to living rooms all over Phila. gathered round plasma screen TVs shouting for a black and white team working as one for a big win. It's a combined healing moment and celebration for a city.

The Patriots are so cool. Brady is like Maximus in the arena. Everybody knows his team is the Olympic gold standard to beat. They've been in the Super Bowl, what 8 times?

Just this once the Eagle wants to fly with the Dove. To paraphrase a song by Crosby Stills Nash and Young, "if you can't win with the team you love, honey, love the team that wins." Seen from this perspective this was the kind of upset that even ardent Patriot fans can endure.

May it be a sign of unity to come.

Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning Group

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Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance's intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action.

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